VIVO IPL 2020 Schedule

VIVO IPL 2020 Schedule won’t be long until we are on the countdown to the 2020 edition of the IPL. This will be the 13th time this great T20 competition will take place and over the years we have seen some memorable moments, involving some of the very best cricketers in the world.

There are eight teams involved in the 2020 edition, each of them representing a city in India and going head to head against each other. IPL 2020 set to start on March 29th. The match timings have also been set and the games will take place at 4pm and 8pm.

We have also been given news about the cities that will host the games. Firstly, the Rajasthan Royals will return home to play their games in Jaipur, this was something that hadn’t been agreed until recently. The state government has put assurances in place that all games will go ahead in a smooth fashion, and the organisers are satisfied with the plans they have in place.

Defending champions Mumbai Indians  will take on Chennai Super Kings  in the first match on March 29 in Mumbai .

VIVO IPL 2020 Schedule

Released the schedule of the VIVO IPL 2020 Schedule

DateIPL Fixtures 2020VenueTimeTickets
29-MarchMI vs CSKMumbai8:00 PMBook Now
30-MarchDC vs KXIPDelhi8:00 PMBook Now
31-MarchRCB vs KKRBangalore8:00 PMBook Now
01-AprilSRH vs MIHyderabad8:00 PMBook Now
02-AprilCSK vs RRChennai8:00 PMBook Now
03-AprilKKR vs DCKolkata8:00 PMBook Now
04-AprilKXIP vs SRHMohali8:00 PMBook Now
05-AprilMI vs RCBMumbai4:00 PMBook Now
05-AprilRR vs DCJaipur8:00 PMBook Now
06-AprilKKR vs CSKKolkata8:00 PMBook Now
07-AprilRCB vs SRHBangaore8:00 PMBook Now
08-AprilKXIP vs MIMohali8:00 PMBook Now
09-AprilRR vs KKRJaipur8:00 PMBook Now
10-AprilDC vs RCBDelhi8:00 PMBook Now
11-AprilCSK vs KXIPChennai8:00 PMBook Now
12-AprilSRH vs RRHyderabad4:00 PMBook Now
12-AprilKKR vs MIKolkata8:00 PMBook Now
13-AprilDC vs CSKDelhi8:00 PMBook Now
14-AprilKXIP vs RCBMohali8:00 PMBook Now
15-AprilMI vs RRMumbai8:00 PMBook Now
16-AprilSRH vs KKRHyderabad8:00 PMBook Now
17-AprilKXIP vs CSKMohali8:00 PMBook Now
18-AprilRCB vs RRBangalore8:00 PMBook Now
19-AprilDC vs KKRDelhi4:00 PMBook Now
19-AprilCSK vs SRHChennai8:00 PMBook Now
20-AprilMI vs KXIPMumbai8:00 PMBook Now
21-AprilRR vs SRHJaipur8:00 PMBook Now
22-AprilRCB vs DCBanaglore8:00 PMBook Now
23-AprilKKR vs KXIPKolkata8:00 PMBook Now
24-AprilCSK vs MIChennai8:00 PMBook Now
25-AprilRR vs RCBJaipur8:00 PMBook Now
26-AprilKXIP vs KKRMohali4:00 PMBook Now
26-AprilSRH vs DCHyderabad8:00 PMBook Now
27-AprilCSK vs RCBChennai8:00 PMBook Now
28-AprilMI vs KKRMumbai8:00 PMBook Now
29-AprilRR vs KXIPJaipur8:00 PMBook Now
30-AprilSRH vs CSKHyderabad8:00 PMBook Now
01-MayMI vs DCMumbai8:00 PMBook Now
02-MayKKR vs RRKolkata8:00 PMBook Now
03-MayRCB vs KXIPBanaglore4:00 PMBook Now
03-MayDC vs SRHDelhi8:00 PMBook Now
04-MayRR vs CSKJaipur8:00 PMBook Now
05-MaySRH vs RCBHyderabad8:00 PMBook Now
06-MayDC vs MIDelhi8:00 PMBook Now
07-MayCSK vs KKRChennai8:00 PMBook Now
08-MayKXIP vs RRMohali8:00 PMBook Now
09-MayMI vs SRHMumbai8:00 PMBook Now
10-MayCSK vs DCChennai4:00 PMBook Now
10-MayKKR vs RCBKolkata8:00 PMBook Now
11-MayRR vs MIJaipur8:00 PMBook Now
12-MaySRH vs KXIPHyderabad8:00 PMBook Now
13-MayDC vs RRDelhi8:00 PMBook Now
14-MayRCB vs CSKBanaglore8:00 PMBook Now
15-MayKKR vs SRHKolkata8:00 PMBook Now
16-MayKXIP vs DCMohali8:00 PMBook Now
17-MayRCB vs MIBanaglore8:00 PMBook Now
19-MayQualifier 1Chennai7:30 PMBook Now
20-MayEliminatorVisakhapatnam7:30 PMBook Now
22-MayQualifier 2Visakhapatnam7:30 PMBook Now
24-MayFinal MatchHyderabad7:30 PMBook Now