2022 ipl time table

BCCI has announced the 2021 IPL Time Table for the remainder of the IPL to be held in the United Arab Emirates. Out of a total of 60 matches, 29 have already been played in India. The tournament had previously been postponed to May due to the increase in COVID cases among players and team support staff. IPL 2021 will resume on September 19 with the competition between the Chennai Super Kings and Mumbai Indians being played in Dubai.

This will be the third time that the IPL will take place in the United Arab Emirates. Previously, the IPL 2014 was partially held in the Gulf country, while the IPL 2020 was fully organized there. Of the 31 remaining league matches, 13 will be played in Dubai, 10 in Sharjah and 8 in Abu Dhabi. There will be 7 doubles matches in the rest of the IPL and the first match will start at 3:30 p.m. IST. All night games will start at 7:30 p.m. IST. The same times were followed in the previous games which took place in India.

Mahendra Singh Dhoni’s Chennai Super Kings will face defending champions Mumbai Indians in the first game of Round 2 of the previous suspended 14th Indian Premier League season on September 19 in Dubai.

Kolkata Knight Riders vs Royal Challengers Bangalore, a match that was first postponed and then could not be played due to the tournament postponement, will be the second match the next day in Abu Dhabi.

The current and most recent 2021 IPL Time Table lists the current positions and rankings of the teams with the totals of wins, losses and points after each game played this year. Each team plays 14 matches and the top 4 teams advance to the IPL qualifiers based on the points table below. The 2021 IPL Time Table is based on the ICC system, where each team receives 2 points for their victory in the group stage. In the event of a tie in the group stage, the winner will be determined by super-over. The IPL 2021 points table shows wins, losses, total points, net run rate after each match.

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How does the IPL 2021 time table in 2021 work?

The IPL 2021 time table shows the current IPL Rankings with updated IPL Team Rankings for all eight teams. The team with the most wins and points is placed at the top of the table. Here’s a look at what happens on the points table during the Championship phase and what happens afterwards in the IPL playoffs:

Click here to download the second phase IPL 2021 Time Table

Match No.DayDateTime (IST)MatchVenue
30Sunday19 Sep 20217:30 PMCSK vs MIDubai
31Monday20 Sep 20217:30 PMKKR vs RCBAbu Dhabi
32Tuesday21 Sep 20217:30 PMPBKS vs RRDubai
33Wednesday22 Sep 20217:30 PMDC vs SRHDubai
34Thursday23 Sep 20217:30 PMMI vs KKRAbu Dhabi
35Friday24 Sep 20217:30 PMRCB vs CSKSharjah
36Saturday25 Sep 20213:30 PMDC vs RRAbu Dhabi
37Saturday25 Sep 20217:30 PMSRH vs PBKSSharjah
38Sunday26 Sep 20213:30 PMCSK vs KKRAbu Dhabi
39Sunday26 Sep 20217:30 PMRCB vs MIDubai
40Monday27 Sep 20217:30 PMSRH vs RRDubai
41Tuesday28 Sep 20213:30 PMKKR vs DCSharjah
42Tuesday28 Sep 20217:30 PMMI vs PBKSAbu Dhabi
43Wednesday29 Sep 20217:30 PMRR vs RCBDubai
44Thursday30 Sep 20217:30 PMSRH vs CSKSharjah
45Friday1 Oct 20217:30 PMKKR vs PBKSDubai
46Saturday2 Oct 20213:30 PMMI vs DCSharjah
47Saturday2 Oct 20217:30 PMRR vs CSKAbu Dhabi
48Sunday3 Oct 20213:30 PMRCB vs PBKSSharjah
49Sunday3 Oct 20217:30 PMKKR vs SRHDubai
50Monday4 Oct 20217:30 PMDC vs CSKDubai
51Tuesday5 Oct 20217:30 PMRR vs MISharjah
52Wednesday6 Oct 20217:30 PMRCB vs SRHAbu Dhabi
53Thursday7 Oct 20213:30 PMCSK vs PBKSDubai
54Thursday7 Oct 20217:30 PMKKR vs RRSharjah
55Friday8 Oct 20213:30 PMSRH vs MIAbu Dhabi
56Friday8 Oct 20217:30 PMRCB vs DCDubai
57Sunday10 Oct 20217:30 PMQualifier 1Dubai
58Monday11 Oct 20217:30 PMEliminatorSharjah
59Wednesday13 Oct 20217:30 PMQualifier 2Sharjah
60Friday15 Oct 20217:30 PMFinalDubai

Note: M » Matches Played, W » Won, L » Lost, T » Tied, NR » No Result, P » Points, RR » Run Rate
Win – 2 points No Result – 1 point Tied – 1 point

Note: In 2022, two new teams will be included, for a total of 10 teams in IPL. With the addition of 2 new teams, each team will play 18 games instead of 14. With additional teams, the number of games played for each team will change, but the playoff standings will remain the same. The top 4 teams on the points table, out of the 10, will continue to qualify for the play-offs.

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